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Oakland Raiders Practice Facility

Oakland Raiders Practice Facility

D.A. Hogan & Associates was the prime consultant for the renovation of the practice fields for the Oakland Raiders training facility.  The project was a collaborative effort with Verde Design who provided the civil engineering, permitting, and construction administration support.  The project included master planning for the new performance center and future phase of field improvements as well as coordination with the adjacent Oakland Airport.

The field renovations included grading to reduce field slopes, new subsurface drainage, and new irrigation systems.  The field configuration allows for play to be rotated minimizing wear concentrations.  The perimeter areas included rubberized track and synthetic turf surfacing between the practice fields and the performance center.  The project also included installation of new fencing and a retaining wall to allow for expansion of the useable field area and the addition of a paved perimeter for the video lifts and maintenance equipment.