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Virginia Mason Athletic Complex - Outdoor Fields next

Virginia Mason Athletic Complex - Outdoor Fields

D.A. Hogan & Associates was the field consultant for the Virginia Mason Athletic Complex which will serve as the headquarters and training facility for the Seattle Seahawks. The project included 3 natural turf outdoor practice fields as well as a full sized in-filled synthetic turf indoor field.

The layout of the outdoor fields allow for rotation throughout the season to reduce wear concentration. The fields are located immediately adjacent to the shores of Lake Washington and include additional sand layers for water quality filtration. The drainage system has 6 zones and includes access ports for a portable subsurface air ventilation system. This system can function in either forced air or suction mode and will allow for both temperature moderation in the root zone as well as accelerated moisture removal from the field’s surface. The automatic irrigation system includes valve-in-head sprinklers so that each field area can be controlled separately thus providing maximum flexibility in field layout to rotate wear.

The indoor practice field was installed on a paved base and a supplemental pad system. This work was performed in conjunction with the synthetic turf replacement at Qwest Field. D.A. Hogan & Associates prepared and issued the RFP documents for both fields.