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Natural Turf Athletic Field Projects

D.A. Hogan & Associates has extensive experience with of state-of-the-art vertically draining natural turf field systems. This experience includes design and construction surveillance of over 200 natural turf athletic fields, of which the majority include an engineered sand base, including Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners), Lambeau Field and Hinkle Field (Green Bay Packers), Seattle Seahawks Training Fields, Nitschke Field Renovation (Green Bay Packers), numerous college and university competition and recreational fields, and over 130 school and park fields.

Our design work emphasizes drainage, wear resistance, root development, and active turf growth. Detail oriented irrigation plans result in uniform precipitation rates and efficient use of water. Root zone and aggregate drainage materials are controlled with thorough specifications and construction testing. We have extensive experience with both sodded and seeded field installations. We work with local agronomic experts to select turf varieties that provide optimal performance.

The maintenance of natural turf playing surfaces is critical to their performance. Our design approach includes coordination with the client's maintenance capabilities. D.A. Hogan & Associates is an active member of the Sports Turf Manager's Association and stays current with industry innovations including projects with synthetic reinforcing systems, root zone heating systems, and below grade air circulation systems.