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Marshall University Soccer

Marshall University Soccer

D.A. Hogan & Associates teamed with AECOM to design a new soccer complex at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.  The facility was granted a FIFA 1 Star Certification upon its completion.

This project included the construction of a new synthetic turf soccer field within a new soccer complex. Specific improvements included a full size competitive synthetic turf soccer field (225’ x 360’), constructed in accordance with NCAA requirements, and perimeter safety and ball control fencing, a vertically drained field subsurface drainage system and permeable aggregate base, field perimeter containment curb and synthetic turf edge anchor, and goals.  Other improvements completed by the team include elevated bleachers, team and locker rooms, public restroom and concession areas and other miscellaneous site improvements. On-going work for the team includes construction of a new indoor practice field with a competition track and field components as well as reconstruction of the Football Stadium Field.