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University of Notre Dame Stadium next

University of Notre Dame Stadium

D.A. Hogan & Associates, in association with Sports Design Group and 360 Architecture, served as the field design consultant for the initial phase of improvements with the conversion from natural turf to synthetic turf at historic Notre Dame Stadium, home of the Fighting Irish. An existing underperforming sand based natural turf field was removed and replaced with a vertically drained, infilled synthetic turf system. The existing crown and subsurface soils on the field were removed, as well as the entire existing drainage system to facilitate the new construction. A new drainage system, perimeter trench drain and permeable aggregate base were constructed as the underlayment to the synthetic turf surface. The field limits were expanded to the stadium walls, maximizing the potential playing surface for NCAA Division 1 football and other potential uses.

An elastic layer pad constructed of recycled rubber, washed pea rock and polyurethane binder was installed to provide more consistent footing throughout the field and enhance player safety, including when use occurs with freezing conditions.  The new synthetic turf surface was installed with sand and rubber infill with permanent inlaid and tufted field markings for NCAA football and included a midfield logo, unique end zone hash marks and shamrocks for the kick off markers.