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University of Redlands Football Practice Field next

University of Redlands Football Practice Field

D.A. Hogan was selected by the University of Redlands to be involved in a joint project that combined intramural sports and athletics to provide a synthetic turf practice facility for Football, as well as an intramural/club sport field for Lacrosse, Soccer, and Ultimate.

The field was developed adjacent to the existing football/track stadium and the baseball stadium. Using an efficient layout and design and matching existing built and non changeable conditions on all 4 perimeters of the project site the vertically drained synthetic turf field was completed with new subsurface drainage system, wash water/cooling irrigation system, new sports field lighting, and new perimeter walkways and pedestrian / spectator improvements. The design took advantage of the existing permeable site soils to minimize downstream detention and water quality improvements, with a portion of the developed site infiltrating into existing soils.

Additionally, the synthetic turf utilizes a supplemental layer of non-traditional “cork” infill, which taken in combination with the wash water system can be used to temporarily lower the surface temperature of the playing surface. The project provides a much needed recreation space to improve student life, assisting the University to retain students on campus. Further, the synthetic turf surface is used for practice and preparation when competitive events are scheduled at off campus synthetic turf surfaces.