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Washington State University - Valley Road Playfield next

Washington State University - Valley Road Playfield

D.A. Hogan & Associates was the prime consultant for the recreational sports field renovations at Washington State University. The project included work on two separate areas on the campus to improve and expand the playing fields for the University’s Recreational and Activities program. The project included renovation of over 450,000 square feet of natural turf to multi-purpose synthetic turf at two locations on campus, the Valley Road and Grimes Way playfields.

The Valley Road Playfield complex included fields that accommodate seven sports with new lighting systems, pedestrian and spectator improvements including bleachers and shade structures. The existing geology of the site presented many challenges with underlying soils consisting of uncontrolled fill and a 20 foot grade change from across the site. The grading design included development of two terraces for the fields, retaining walls, and extensive grading to provide a balanced site with respect to cut and fill operations.