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Eastlake High School Baseball Field next

Eastlake High School Baseball Field

D.A. Hogan & Associates and the City of Sammamish, together with the Lake Washington School District, collaborated on the renovation of the Eastlake High School Baseball Field. The project included a complete reconstruction of the existing natural turf field, with conversion to a vertically drained, infilled synthetic turf surface. The field shape and perimeter was modified to incorporate a full size soccer and lacrosse field within the outfield area, developing a multi-use facility for varsity sports for high school use, as well as community recreational use for soccer, lacrosse and baseball. The field was reconstructed to be at a constant elevation in all areas, taking advantage of the permeable base below the field for storm drainage attenuation. New sports field lighting was added to the field, and configured for both baseball and community uses. All exterior fencing was replaced and new bullpen areas were included along with dedicated storage areas for soccer and lacrosse goals.

The project celebrates a continuing partnership between the City and School District, maximizing the use of District Athletic Facilities for Community Recreational programs administered by the City Parks and Recreation Department.