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Master Planning Services

A key component of our pre-design experience is athletic facility master planning. We pride ourselves on innovative field layouts that provide the maximum amount of programming flexibility while maintaining safe clearances between various uses and events. Our CAD system is state-of-the-art and we frequently prepare color presentation drawings during the project planning process.

D.A. Hogan & Associates has completed District-wide athletic field studies for the Snoqualmie Valley School District, Bellevue School District, Shoreline School District and Northshore School District. These studies included assessing the conditions of the existing fields, how the fields are used and preparing various renovation options to facilitate better programming and safer playing conditions. Each of these studies included construction cost estimates for each site, as well as project sequencing and scheduling scenarios.

Master planning and community involvement
Whenever a field or track is renovated, there is typically significant interest in the project from both the school programs, as well as from community youth groups. Given the public nature of these projects, it is not uncommon to have presentations and meetings with advisory or steering committees, as well as open community meetings. D.A. Hogan & Associates has experience with and is very comfortable in actively participating in this process and making presentations to large groups. With the large number of sports fields that we have completed, it is extremely rare that we are asked a question that we haven't already had to address on previous projects.